Friday, June 19, 2009

Why not let the so-called "Free Market" work?

Why we don't let the free market work is because it cannot work on it's own without guidance. But let them try. Let AIG and J.P.Morgan and Bank of America fail, and all the rest of them fail. Copyright laws are government interference as well, let's get rid of them.
Total anarchy in the market! Or should we just hide behind the fear of socialism? The laws that allow people to be evicted from their home are a form of government interference.
How far should we shape the language and laws around those who have most of the power and money?
They are ready to kill you, destroy your life, so they can stay in power. You let them define the rules they shape against you.

Next they want to put you in the position of being totally powerless. So that you cannot rise against them. They know that sooner or later you will wake from liberal dream enough to see what they are actually doing to your life. They are hoping that it will be too late for you to know what to do.

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